Throughout more than 35 years, while aiming to increase technical level, to improve quality and broaden the range of products, we have carried out an intense modernisation of titanium dioxide production installation. We have implemented unique technological solutions (e.g. the most modern systems of filtration, grinding and jet milling of pigment), and thanks to new automatic packaging lines we have improved appearance and broadened the range of packaging. Apart from the standard paper bags (25 kg) we have got the possibility to pack pigment into Flexible Bulk Containers, so-called “big-bags” or more and more popular bulk loading to truck tankers.

In the recent years – through elimination of so called bottlenecks – we have increased the production capacity from 36 up to 40 thousand tonnes.

Through pursuing new trends taking place in the titanium dioxide consumption sectors, we consequently broaden our brand offer.


TITANIUM DIOXIDE – application

Titanium dioxide, known as titanium white, is the most important and most widespread inorganic pigment. It is used in a wide range of products we use every day, giving them appropriate apperance: the color, opacity [...]

Where to find TiO2 in daily life?

Titanium dioxide, also known as TiO2, is one of the most common pigments and is used as a basis for all colours, to give the brightness to paints, printing inks, paper, plastic products, foods, cosmetics, [...]