By implementing the principle of market flexibility and meeting the customers’ demands, on the basis of our knowledge, experience and production potential, we offer a broad range of brands adapted to particular application areas.

At present, we have got potential possibilities for manufacturing of several brands of titanium dioxide (in both crystallographic forms: anatase and rutile), out of which seven are manufactured on regular basis (universal ones: TYTANPOL® R-001, R-003, R-210, and specialist ones: R-002,R-211, RS or R-310. Thanks to that, our customers have got the possibility to select an optimum pigment for their own, often very different applications. All TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide brands are characterised by high purity, very good physical-chemical as well as optical properties, high hiding power, good dispersibility and durability adapted to the final application.

The given information concerning pigments of the TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide are based on our knowledge and experience and shall not form requirements but solely determine typical pigment properties. As the conditions of use are out of our control, such information can not form a guarantee in the legal sense.


TITANIUM DIOXIDE – application

Titanium dioxide, known as titanium white, is the most important and most widespread inorganic pigment. It is used in a wide range of products we use every day, giving them appropriate apperance: the color, opacity [...]

Where to find TiO2 in daily life?

Titanium dioxide, also known as TiO2, is one of the most common pigments and is used as a basis for all colours, to give the brightness to paints, printing inks, paper, plastic products, foods, cosmetics, [...]