Grupa Azoty „POLICE” stands out with its titanium dioxide plant, which is a unique one in Poland, the scale of the ammonia, phosphoric and sulphur acids production and high position in the sector of mineral multicomponent fertilizers – the company supplies the internal market with more than 50% of all the fertilizers of this group manufactured in Poland.

TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide pigments are manufactured solely at the Zakłady Chemiczne “POLICE” SA on the basis of modern technology meeting the most rigorous environmental requirements.

40 years of tradition in their production, the experience gained and investments made have allowed for unquestionable increasing of their quality, and thus their competitiveness.
The TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide is characterised by very good pigmenting properties. All its brands are characterised by high brightness, lightening power, hiding power, easiness of dispersion, stability, application compatibility and lack of toxicity.

Both the production installation and the pigments themselves meet the European Union requirements in force. Our products have got permits for their use for manufacturing of products having direct contact with food or drinking water.

Therefore they are very broadly applied and they enjoy recognition on all markets of the world, and due to the location of our company they are particularly known inEurope.

This is confirmed by winning of prestigious honourables for the TYTANPOL ® brand in 2004: honouring with “Europrodukt” title and receiving of „Medal Europejski”.

In 2012 TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide pigments have been awarded the „Teraz Polska” Promotion Emblem.