CN: 3206
Pigment classification
R-2 (PN-EN ISO 591)
II (ASTM D-476)

Product information

A white fine-milled powder with a rutile crystallographic structure, nontoxic, non-flammable and chemically inactive. Subjected to surface treatment with aluminium compounds and modified with hydrophilic organic compounds.

TYTANPOL® R-001 has very good optical properties (a high brightening and hiding power , and gives a high gloss to coatings while haze of gloss remains low), is easily dispersible and weather resistant.


TYTANPOL® R-001 is widely used and especially recommended for indoor paints, both water and solvent borne (industrial, construction, decorative), air-drying enamels, stoving enamels, high-solid paints, “can coatings” paints, paints for wood, road marking paints and high-gloss printing inks.

It may also be used effectively for powder coatings, “coil coatings” , pigmenting plastics (flexible PVC, plastisols, polyolefines, unsaturated polyesters, polyester gel coats, vinyl floor lining, linoleum, sealing compounds, polyurethanes, polystyrenes), as well as in the production of pigment concentrates and for tinting some synthetic fibres. This pigment can be used in the paper industry (pulp, paper coatings, wallpapers) and in the leather industry.

Safety of use

TYTANPOL® R-001 is safe to transport, use and disposal. The Safety Data Sheet provides detailed information on how to use our pigments safely.

This pigment is suitable for use in products intended for direct contact with food.
This pigment type is labelled with the NSF® mark (Certificate No 14) as a pigment approved for plastic pipes and related materials that are in direct contact with potable water.

Packaging and Transport

TYTANPOL® R-001 is packed into:

  • paper valve bags, 25 kg each,
  • flexible bulk containers, the so-called big-bags, 500 kg or 1000 kg each,
  • road tankers,
  • at the customer’s request, also other packaging, e.g. polyethylene bags or
    water soluble paper bags.

Detailed information concerning safety in use of our pigments is available at „Safety Data Sheets”, in the SAFETY DATA SHEET.


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