In this section we present the main events that shows the development of the Tytanpolu production unit. The list is presented in a chronological entries.

1972 X
Selection of technology and signing of contract with Kronos Titan GmbH company.

1974 VI
Commencement of construction of installation with annual production capacity of 36 000 tonnes.

1977 X
Installation start-up – starting of anatase brands production.

Starting of rutile brands production.

the 80’s
Modernisation works, improvement of health & safety and environmental conditions, increase of installation capacity.

10th anniversary of Zakład Bieli Tytanowej (Titanium Dioxide Plant). Capacity close to the design capacity.

The licence production capacity was exceeded, reaching 37 350 tonnes of titanium dioxide.
The “Foreign Markets” magazine dedicated to issues of the world economy, the
international trade and the Polish export granted Z.Ch. “POLICE” the title of “Mister of Export of 1988”, placing the Polish titanium white in the front of the list of the best Polish export products.

Establishment of “KEMIPOL” joint-venture company, the shareholders of which are Z.Ch. “POLICE” and “Kemira-Kemi AB” that manufactures coagulants for water and sewage treatment on the basis of waste copperas.

Dynamic development of titanium dioxide export due to drastic fall of demand on the domestic market.

Introduction of titanium dioxide slag as an alternative titanium-bearing raw material to
ilmenite. Conclusion of contract with China for provision of technology of titanium dioxide production.

Establishing of Application Laboratory fulfilling the role of technical service for
recipients of titanium dioxide.

Broadening of brand range by TYTANPOL® R-003 and R-211.

Manufacturing of 500th thousand tonne of titanium dioxide, after 18 years.

Construction of Sulfacid installation for desulphurisation of post-calcination gases. The investment was undertaken in order to adapt the SO2 emission level to the
requirements of the European Union 92/112/EEC directive on production of
titanium white.

Registration of TYTANPOL® trade mark at the Patent Office.

Introduction of wet grinding technology improving optical properties and dispersibility of pigment. Commissioning of Sulfacid installation, thanks to which SO2 emission
was reduced by approximately 80%.

Modernisation of installation aiming at increase of annual production capacity up to 40 000 tonnes.

Broadening of brand range by TYTANPOL® R-213 and RS

Manufacturing of 750th thousand tonne of titanium dioxide after 25 years as from the
installation start-up

Activation of Monsanto installation for desulphurisation of post-digestion gases

Execution of record-breaking annual production – 42 300 tonnes.

2003 XI
Broadening of Brand range by TYTANPOL® R-310

Obtaining of “Integrated Permit”.

2004 III
TYTANPOL® pigments were granted the title of EUROPRODUKT 2004.

2004 V
Poland joins the European Union. Zakłady Chemiczne „Police” SA is fully prepared to
the access. Titanium dioxide installation fully meets the EU requirements.

2004 X
TYTANPOL® pigments were granted “Medal Europejski 2004” (European Medal 2004)

2005 VII
14th of July 2005, the shares of the Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” S.A. have been listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw

2006 I
Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” SA joins the Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association

2007 IX
TYTANPOL® pigments were granted the certificate of “Highest Quality Guaranteed”

2008 X
The Company launched a unique in Poland drying installation of iron sulfate, which is a byproduct formed in the production process of titanium dioxide.
Zakłady Chemiczne „Police” SA produced its millionth tone of titanium dioxide,

2011 VIII
Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie-Mościcach S.A. acquired 49 500 000 ordinary bearer shares of the Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” S.A., taking the total of 66% of the share capital. In this way, the Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” S.A. entered the Grupa Kapitałowa Azoty Tarnów

Celebration the 35th anniversary of titanium dioxide pigments production.
In 2012 TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide pigments have been awarded with the „Teraz Polska” Promotion Emblem.

Groupa Azoty Police S.A. acquired a controlling stake in African Investment Group S.A., which holds licenses giving access to the deposits of phosphate rock and ilmenite sands in Senegal.

The Group aims to build Europe’s largest and most advanced PDH unit for propylene production, sited in the town of Police. With its new project worth PLN 1.18bn, the largest in its history, the Grupa Azoty Group confirms it is ready to deliver on its ambitious plans for domestic and international expansion.


The final selection of Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. as the general contractor of the Polimery Police project within the tender for the conclusion of a contract for comprehensive construction of the project according to the formula „turnkey”.


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