TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide pigments are manufactured by the Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” SA on the basis of the sulphate method based on the licence of the German company KRONOS INTERNATIONAL LTD.

The sulphate method of manufacturing of titanium white (also that used in Police) is very complex. It is basically divided into two parts, conventionally called as black part (from the colour of raw material) and as white part (from the colour of pigment). Each part includes several subsequently following unit operations. The time that lapses from preparing of raw material up to packing of ready product is from 10 up to 14 days depending on the brand. Keeping of technological regime in such complex and long production cycle requires high competence, experience and commitment of personnel as well as technical efficiency of the installation.


TITANIUM DIOXIDE – application

Titanium dioxide, known as titanium white, is the most important and most widespread inorganic pigment. It is used in a wide range of products we use every day, giving them appropriate apperance: the color, opacity [...]

Where to find TiO2 in daily life?

Titanium dioxide, also known as TiO2, is one of the most common pigments and is used as a basis for all colours, to give the brightness to paints, printing inks, paper, plastic products, foods, cosmetics, [...]