Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne „Police” S.A. has been for more than 50 years one of the largest plants of the chemical industry in Poland and a significant player on the European market. While being the largest Polish exporter of fertilizers, pigments and chemicals, “POLICE” has got an established position on the markets almost all over the world.

Grupa Azoty Police stands out with its titanium dioxide plant, which is a unique one in Poland, the scale of the ammonia, phosphoric and sulphur acids production and high position in the sector of mineral multicomponent fertilizers – the company supplies the internal market with more than 50% of all the fertilizers of this group manufactured in Poland.

The flagships of „POLICE” are the multicomponent mineral fertilizers and – a fertilizer that meets high quality requirements and that is the safest nitric fertilizer for plants, and – due to very good quality parameters – it is also widely used not only in the agriculture.
„POLICE” has successfully launched and has been selling its products in the sector of gardening fertilizers. Now, not only the farmers but also the allotment holders and fans of beautiful gardens can get convinced about the advantages of fertilizers manufactured by „POLICE” Chemical Plant JSC.

40 years of tradition in their production, the experience gained and investments made have allowed for unquestionable increasing of their quality, and thus their competitiveness.
The TYTANPOL® titanium dioxide is characterised by very good pigmenting properties. All its brands are characterised by high brightness, lightening power, hiding power, easiness of dispersion, stability, application compatibility and lack of toxicity.

The important date for „POLICE” Chemical Plant JSC was the day of 14th of July 2005 – the day of the debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Joining the stock exchange was the effect of long-term transformation, implementation of an individual development strategy and restructuring as well as strengthening of the market position of the Company in the chemical sector.

„POLICE” Chemical Plant JSC – as the first company in Poland among the manufacturers of fertilizers – has become a member of the European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (EFMA)

The position of the Company is confirmed by numerous certificates, prizes and awards.

Apart from the product quality marks and the ISO 9001 Certificate, the most valuable ones are these related to the environment protection. It is so because „POLICE” belongs to the group of companies fully aware of the responsibility for the condition of the natural environment.

The effect of the priority approach to the hazards for the natural environment are the ISO 14001 system standards and the PN-N 18001 and PN-N 18004 and OHSAS 18001 and 18002, as well as the World Environment Center certificate for pioneering solutions in the scope of the technology of waste dumps, and the granted title of the „Environmentally Friendly Company”.