Thanks to their unique properties, titanium dioxide pigments are broadly used also in other sectors of industry such as: leather, artificial fibres, enamels, cement, bituminous, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even in the food industry.

Depending on the application specification, different titanium dioxide brands are required, commencing from anatase brands of low resistance up to extremely resistant rutile brands.

Application table: OTHER APPLICATIONS

  R-001 R-002 R-003 R-210 R-211 R-213 RS R-310 RD-5
Electroceramic, ceramics                  
Vitreous enamels                  
Glass, glass fibres, glazes                  
Food packaging                  
Leather finishes                  
Cosmetics, soap                  
White concrete                  
Fillers, mastics and stoppers                  
Shoe cleaners                  
Welding rods                  


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